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Dignity? Really?


Hindi ko alam pero nababastusan ako sa mga babaeng nagpopost ng picture na naka-two piece siya. Oo alam naming sexy ka, maganda pa at alam naming summer na. Pero yung dignidad mo, ‘teh. Alalahanin mo yun. Kahit pa naka two piece ka dyan at maraming likes yang picture mo, eh asan na dignidad mo?

You say na nababastusan ka sa mga ganong tipong babae? Hell, if I wanted to show my boobs, I will! You can look away, and everyone wins! Their dignity is not your matter, so you shouldn’t even be talking about their dignity in the first place!

Second, what is the inherent crime of wearing a two-piece?! If I wear a two-piece, does it insecure the female population? There is nothing wrong with wearing an article of clothing, in fact, I think it’s far worse not to wear anything at all!

If you think that everyone gives likes for sexy ladies, I suggest you go to Miss Universe and see that dignity is not at stake here. Nasa beach ka. Nasa lugar ka kung saan acceptable na magsuot ka ng bikini.

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So, I had this idea.

Whenever I feel like doing it, I’ll be writing a letter to someone who I want the message to be read. I guess I can write anything there, perhaps a secret that I can only tell in paper, or a message for them, just anything!

The only thing is…

The letters will only be read upon my death.

Why only upon the time I die? I guess I want the people I wrote letters to, to feel that even if my body is lifeless, mouth and lips dry, and eyes dull, some part of me still lives. The letters may tell things that I wasn’t able to tell while I was still alive (not that I don’t live my life with virtue of carpe diem, it’s just that not all things should be taken with that approach.). The letters themselves may reveal deeper secrets.

In short, the letters are in secret so that a part of me would remain when I die.

The logistics is a bit difficult. I still have to find a hidden section of the house, and a box that would protect it. But when I do, the first letter will be in there instantly.

I’m writing the first one later on.

The Complex Life of a Church Janitor.: Venting.


I’ve noticed lately how much I tend to censor my prayers. It’s not that I don’t avoid certain words, but I tend to avoid certain topics. I know there are events, relationships, thoughts, and sins that I need to bring before God. Everyone has something that he/she holds in from time to time. While…

Not only should God be able to tolerate it, but he should remove the 3rd commandment.

All logical systems have failed.

I’m still up, even if I have nothing left to do, and I ask myself why I stay up.
It’s because I’m waiting for my crush to tell me good night.

I’m still up, even if I have nothing left to do, and I ask myself why I stay up.

It’s because I’m waiting for my crush to tell me good night.

Oh no…

I bought something for a friend (and I still haven’t given it). It turns out that she may have it already. Oh no.